Beginners: How to customize the Windows 8 Start Screen Background Wallpaper

Setting Custom Background_ll You can quite easily change the color of the Start Screen but what about a custom background wallpaper? Yup, that is possible too!

Customizing the Default Background Wallpaper (Scroll Down For Own Wallpaper)

1. Hit CTRL + F at the same time on your keyboard and enter custom

Search For Custom Settings

2. Enter “custom” into the search bar and on the left side click the option Customize your Start Screen

Customize Your Start Screen

3. You can now select a custom color and a custom background from a pre-defined set of tribals, flowers, patterns and shapes:

Customizing The Start Screen Without 3Rd Party Tools

If that is not enough for you, proceed below with setting up a custom background wallpaper!

Setting Custom Background Wallpaper

1. Download Decor8 from Stardock, before you do that, please keep in mind this will cost approx 4.99 to purchase, but there is a free trial so you can try it for free and if you don’t like it you can remove it

2. After installing Decor8 you will be greeted by this:

Welcome To Decor 8 To Customize Your Starter Screen

3. Click the option Try Decor8 to test it

Try Decor8

4. You should now see a tile saying “Not using a custom background” – you can now pick your own background by clicking on Select file at the bottom. Simply browse to a wallpaper file, typically a jpg or png file:

Select A Custom Wallpaper For Your Start Screen Via Decor

Tip: To exit the Decor8 app, simply hit CTRL + D to go straight to your desktop. If by accident you close it, search for Decor8 after hitting CTRL + F.

Decor8 Windows 8 App

5. Alright, now we have found a wallpaper and can select it from the big list of pictures (scroll a little) and then change some of the settings like “make background fill the entire screen”, blu effects, color, contrast and so on.

Setting Custom Background

If you still have questions, post a comment below and let us know if you managed to change the Start screen successfully!

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