Beginner: How to lock Windows 8

With Windows 8 you can easily lock your PC, keeping you signed in to your account although the lock screen is displayed. In this tutorial, we are showing you how todelete windows.old in Windows 8.

preview lock

Steps to lock the OS

1. Click on the username located at the top right of the home screen. Then select Lock.

Locate Windowsold

2. Alternatively to lock Windows 8, Press CTRL + ALT + DEL and select Lock from the menu. Beside, you can also press Windows key + L. That are the complete steps to lock Windows 8.

Open search Windowsold


When you lock Windows 8, the programs you have opened ealier (which are not closed) remains open. Beside, other users can also sign in (which was previously called “log in”). Locking Windows 8 preserves any running applications while signout (logoff) will close the applications.

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