Become a developer: How to make Windows 8 apps using the SDK?

In order to make Metro apps, you have to download the Developer SDK first and then you can get started right away if you know how to program.

Windows 8 apps

If you want to make Metro applications, you must have the following things:-

required Things to be downloaded:

  • 1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2011.
  • 2. The SDK tool from microsoft website.

You must have the basic knowledge of:-

  • 1. XAML(Extensible Application Markup Language).
  • 2. Visual Basic or
  • 3. Visual C++ or
  • 4. C#.

You will get details about SDK tool from Build.


For Metro applications, you have to go to Build. When you click on the “Build” tile, it will ask you for
a Live Id. If you already have a Live Id, then just sign in else create a Live Id and then Sign In
using Build

Then the Build Window will appear with various popular tutorials in it.

Build window

You can follow the tutorials mentioned there, of your choise, and start designing your Metro Application. First make your Floorplan then then start.


Download the required SDk from there.

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