Basic tutorial how to change Windows 8 logon screen (Lock Screen)

In this customization tutorial I will discuss how to change the logon screen in Windows 8 (plus lock screen)

Most of us don’t like to see the same old log on image on every other computer running Windows 8. You want your system to stand out from the crowd and one of the best ways to ensure this is to choose a custom image for Windows 8 logon screen.

Well, in Windows 7 it was very difficult for beginner to change the log on screen manually because you have to do all those registry editing jobs. I think it is not a preferable option for those users who have very little knowledge about registry editing. Not only that, this procedure is also time consuming.

So, we had to use many Third party applications like: Logon Screen Editor, Tune Up Utilities, Logon Screen Changer, Logon Tweaker etc.

Unlike Windows 7 and the other previous versions of windows there is much more flexibility in Windows 8 in case of choosing your desired logon screen. yes, you do not need to do any registry editing stuffs. You can simply change your logon screen by going in Control Panel option. So, there is also no need of any Third party applications for changing your log on screen at all. Ok, so let’s start with the procedure:-

1. Click on Start. and right-click on the entry Computer on your Start menu

2. Click on Control Panel

Control Panel

3. Click on Personalize.

4. There are some pictures so select them to change your lock screen or you can simply click on “Browse” option to choose your desired image from your image collection. Select the picture and then click the Choose Picture button to set the new picture as your lock screen background of Windows 8.


That’s all. You have successfully changed your Lock screen. I must say addition of this feature in Windows 8 is really appreciable.

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