Barrelfish: Another OS revealed by Microsoft

Another OS has been revealed by Microsoft. This operating system has the name “Barrelfish” and is a Multi-Core OS.

Barrelfish is being developed in cooperation by ETH Zurich in Switzerland and Microsoft Research Cambridge in the UK.
It’s a system that has been optimized to run on multi-core machines (maybe that’s the reason why they named it barrelfish). With multi-core CPU’s becoming the standard in modern desktop PC’s, the need for a new operating system is greater than ever. If not Microsoft is going to do it, who else?

In Barrelfish, a databse-like system passes information between the different cores to speed up the code execution. Normally multi-core CPU’s share the same memory to speed up code execution, but it can quickly become inefficient.
Much like Windows Singularity Barrelfish will also greatly improve the security, it will run drivers in a protected space and store device information in a database-like system. (Windows Singularity that is written entirely in managed code only allows indirect code excecution, protecting your system from executing malicious code directly.)

Surprisingly, Barrelfish partly uses 3rdparty open-source code. This throws up some question, will Microsoft finally enter the freeware market? I think so. But we can also expect that Windows 8 will greatly benefit from all the technological improvments that are being made in Windows Singularity and Barrelfish.

By entering the open source market and improving the security of their operating systems, Microsoft would probably snag a great market share from the competion. What do you think about Barrelfish and Windows Singularity?

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