Ballmer Marks November As the Month For Windows Phone Sales To Rise

Samsung Windows Phone 8 Thumb Microsoft Chief Steve Ballmer said earlier today that the sales of Windows Phone are expected to rise soon as the new hardware hits the market later this month.

Windows Phone Sales To Rise, Says Ballmer

Steve Ballmer, the present Microsoft CEO, has said the Windows Phone sales will increase once the new hardware with the new Windows Phone 8 hits the market from various different manufacturers. Microsoft has been working with various phone makers over the past one year and some more, making way for a whole new generation of handsets that take their cue from the modern smartphones but still bring something new to the table thanks to the new OS.

Ballmer says Windows Phone 8 sales to rise soon

Microsoft has worked with HTC, Samsung and Nokia, with the last one being a significant partnership that is all set to bring the ailing Finnish phone giant back on to its feet. Nokia and Microsoft joined hands over two years to give birth to the Windows Phone as we know it. Soon after launching the Windows Phone 7 powered Lumia handsets in late 2010, Nokia and Microsoft started looking at the next big step — Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

Now that the new platform is already out, everybody is waiting for these main three players to bring their hardware to the market. Nokia had already released it’s Windows 8 Lumia models when WP8 came out while Samsung and HTC have also both released new models running the new OS. Both Korean companies have worked closely with Microsoft to make models that have their own USP to help them sell.

Ballmer is now looking to make the Windows Phone a strong third participant in the mobile market, acknowledging the fact that it has a long way to go before it can aspire to be number two or one. The Microsoft chief touched upon the fact that the platform was still quite small but quickly added that he expects the volumes to quickly go up as Windows Phone is launched in more countries and more handsets are launched. Those of you waiting for a decent Windows Phone device, this holiday season should have plenty of options along with the strong possibility of some healthy discounts when compared to the others.

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