Awesome! Windows 8 Upgrade To Cost $15

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Windows expert Paul Thurrott claims that Windows 8 will be offered at a $15 upgrade deal by Microsoft.

Existing Users Will Get $15 Windows 8 Upgrade Deal

Windows expert Paul Thurrott made a post earlier this week claiming Microsoft will offer a $15 Windows 8 upgrade deal for existing users of Windows. Those who buy a new Windows 7 PC will be eligible for this offer. Paul published this article on his blog Supersite for Windows. It was already reported by CNET that Microsoft would be charging something for the upgrade but no one could tell how much. The only thing that was known back then, as we reported earlier, was that it is expected to begin with the release of Windows 8 Release Preview Build.

Microsoft has already confirmed the Release Preview for the first week of June. Following the Windows 7 release, the expected date for this announcement is June 5.

To become eligible for this upgrade, customers must buy a Windows 7 PC between June 2012 and January 2013. If the rumors prevail, Windows 8 should become available much before January 2013. At that point, Windows 7 PCs would become cheaper and it would make sense to buy one and then upgrade to Windows 8 for cheap.

Microsoft will apparently do everybody one more favor. Aside from the cheap upgrade price, they will upgrade everybody to the same Windows 8 version — Windows 8 Pro. Previously, Microsoft upgraded everybody to their corresponding editions. So you could technically buy a PC with Windows 7 Starter Edition and then upgrade for $15. Windows 8 Pro is the higher end of Windows 8, which shows just how much Microsoft wants everyone to upgrade as soon as possible.

Microsoft has not said anything about the upgrade cost for Windows 8. However, if it is anything like the current scheme, it would cost consumers $120 for Windows 8 and $200 for Windows 8 Pro. If The $15 charge happens (and it looks like a distinct possibility), it will be a discount of about 93% for the buyer.

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