Attention Professional Users: Intel Shows Of Enterprise-Ready Windows 8 Tablets

Intel used IDF2012 to show off some of the tablets that are coming up alongside the Windows 8 launch.

Intel shows off enterprise ready tablets at IDF

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Intel has some grand plans for Windows 8 and it shows in some of the enterprise oriented tablets that they showed off to the crowd gathered at IDF in San Francisco. Headed by Intel executive David Perlmutter, the presentation saw some Windows 8 tablets running special apps for professionals like doctors. One of the apps showed its capability to show a live video feed of an ultrasound image of a baby inside the mother. The presentation video was of course simulated but it the intended message was clear enough.

These enterprise-ready tablets are built specially to suit the needs of large corporations and mass-deployment. They come with built in security features and enterprise-class software that make them suitable for such uses. Each of these tablets run on Windows 8 and will be powered by Intel’s latest Clover Trail processors, which are part of the Atom line of high power-efficiency chips designed for tablets and such mobile devices.

These Intel-based tablets are going to run the full Windows 8, Desktop and all, thanks Intel’s x86 architecture. And they will also feature easily managed configurations for the IT administrators who are ultimately going to help implement these in their respective companies.

According to Perlmutter’s statement, there are as many as 20 different Atom-based Windows tablets under construction. These would be launched right after Microsoft debuts Windows 8 on October 26. When put in to context with the hundreds of Windows 8 mobile devices being built, it is not a very large number. However, it is still a start for Intel who are anyway late getting in to the game. The chipmaker has been trying for a while to break in to the mobile market that is currently ruled by ARM. Conversely, ARM is looking to break in to the mainstream chip business that is dominated by Intel. Neither have had much success in toppling the other so far.

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