AT&T Chief Believes Windows Phone Will Benefit From Windows 8

The Lumia 900 has already exceeded expectations after it came to AT&T and company chief Ralph de la Vega believes the growth will increase after Windows 8 is launched.
AT&T CEO believes Windows 8 will boost Windows Phone’s market value

Windows 8 Will Help Windows Phone Grow Up Further

AT&T Mobility’s CEO Ralph de la Vega is of the opinion that Windows 8 will help Windows Phone see more growth. He was speaking at the JP Morgan technology conference when a question came up about the Lumia. He said the Lumia 900 had ‘exceeded their expectations’ once it appeared on their service. So they now have renewed hopes for Microsoft to have its stand right up there with iOS and Android.

He praised the Windows Phone OS on Nokia’s Lumia and said it was simple, intuitive and hence easy to use. De la Vega was apparently quite pleased with the first product of Microsoft and Nokia’s joint venture.
The CEO then went on to say that the Windows 8 launch will add to the value that the Windows Phone OS brings to the marketplace. He talked about how the OS will provide a seamless experience across desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones and said that he likes the previews that he has been shown so far. According to him, it is going to be an exceptionally good OS and he is excited about it.

De la Vega seems to be saying things directly opposite to what the analysts are saying. A lot of analysts have been negative about Windows 8, either saying it will fail to make an impact or fail altogether as a platform. However, business owners like AT&T’s CEO have actively maintained a positive tone towards the upcoming platform.

Microsoft is obviously betting big on the OS and it could become a runaway hit after all. So far, the general public seems to like the Lumia a lot but that is also because it is currently the cheapest high-end smartphone with a modern OS that you can buy.

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