Are Nokia Creating a Windows 8 Phone and Tablet?

Some facts suggest that Nokia is developing a few more Microsoft products then just the Windows Phone 7. This includes a possible dual-screen smart phone device with the ability to display 3D images linked with the Windows 8 system, and a Windows 8 tablet. In this guide, we will take a closer look at this possibility.

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At Present, the dual-screen device is still unconfirmed, but a patent application for one called “Autostereoscopic Rendering and Display Apparatus” was filed on April 21.

How would this dual-screen device work?

The information provided by the patent application shows a device made up of a sensor configured to detect the position and orientation of a viewer in relation to an auto-stereoscopic display. Inside is a processor set up to determine the viewable surface of at least one 3D object from the point of view of the viewer, plus an image generator that creates images for both the left and right eye using the part of the 3D image the viewer can see.

The patent application appears to show a dual-screen device that will use one screen to display 3D images, while the other screen will display 2D images like shadows and reflections that will change as the eye level of the viewer changes. At this point, there has been no mention of needing special glasses to view the 3D effects that will be produced.

This information all ‘links in’ with what we have been told about potential Windows 8 developments. When the Windows 8 rumours started to circulate, we came around to the idea that Windows 8 could feature a 3D GUI which would not require glasses. We also know that Windows will work alongside Nokia for developments, which is why we believe a tablet and duel screen mobile phone could be in development.

Is there a Windows 8 Tablet in Development?

The rumours surrounding a possible Windows 8 tablet have been suggested by the reliable source that is Eldar Murtzain, a Russian blogger whom Microsoft has previously taken to court to protect confidential information. Microsoft has been reasonably quiet about a potential Windows 8 tablet, only commenting that a it would need to be better than the current Windows 7 tablets.

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A dual-screen device capable of rendering 3D images and a Windows 8 tablet do appear to be in development, and it looks like Microsoft will be working closely with Nokia to ensure these developments do not flop like previous Windows phones and tablets.

Source: Windows 7 Themes Net

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