Apple’s MacBook Pro Retina Display Edition Is Currently The Best Windows 8 Laptop In Town

Apple’s latest MacBook Pro is quite well equipped to handle Windows 8 and more so than the existing Windows laptops in the market.

MacBook Pro running Windows 8

Why Windows 8 Runs Great On A MacBook Pro

It is actually not that complicated. Windows 8 has the basic needs of a growing platform — processing power, graphics power and resolution. The new Retina Display toting MacBook Pro has all of that in plenty. It has been designed to be a powerful laptop in all of those aspects and its Retina Display pack in more pixels in to a 15inch screen than any other laptop display right now.

It also has other features that Windows 8 requires, like a multi-touch touchpad. Windows 8 will soon make it standard on all Windows laptops thanks to its multi-touch gestures but for now, laptops are ill-equipped with such features. The MacBook Pro has in fact the right kind of touchpad for this work — a large, easy to use one with the right amount of friction under most circumstance.

Graphics performance and display resolution are both key to a great Windows 8 experience. Windows 8 is designed to scale with larger screens and it thrives on this. Older versions of Windows just progressively become unusable beyond a certain resolution. Not so for Windows 8, it will in fact do better as the screen becomes larger and gives it more space to display things. So the MacBook Pro’s retina display is just a perfect fit. And then comes the graphics power.

Windows 8 finally blends central processing and graphics processing together to provide a smoother performance. Even though Windows 8 will perform well on basic systems without dedicated graphics memory and GPU, it will come in to its own when run on a system that is well equipped in this area.

So compared to the usual Windows laptop in the market, the new MacBook Pro wins out in most cases, except that it does not come with Windows 8 or proper support for it. So this is just a spec-wise comparison.

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