App management: Organize Start Screen Apps Into Groups

Keeping your desktop tidy is a daily chore for money. If you want to organize Start Screen Apps in Windows 8 to get a more tidy Metro Screen, read this

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The Apps tiles in the Start Screen of Windows 8 are one of the latest features of the Windows 8. The Metro Apps are generally arranged in a random manner and it will be really tedious if you have to go on searching the most used Apps throughout the Start Screen. So it’s better to find a way, where you can arrange the Apps that are more important to you or used by you quite frequently, into separate group. You can later rename the group also in order to make your task more and easier. So in this tutorial you’ll learn to organize the Start Screen Apps into groups.

Steps to organize Start Screen Apps

1. Press the Start button to go to the Start Screen of Windows 8.

Start screen

2. Click on the App you want to form group with and drag it in between any two groups. As soon as you do this, a column will appear and you drop the App in the column. Repeat this step for each App you want to organize.


3. This is how you can organize the Start screen Apps into a separate group. Within the group you can further organize the Apps by clicking them and moving.

App organize

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