App Management: Name or rename a group of Apps on the Windows 8 Metro Screen

If you want name or rename a group of Apps in Windows 8, you can do that to perfectly organize your Metro screen

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The Apps tiles are one of the impressive features of the Windows 8, which kept everyone amazed with its outstanding graphical intelligence. Generally the App tiles are scattered in a random manner in the start screen and it is really tiresome to find the Apps which are frequently used. So we can overcome this problem by separating the Apps in a different group and then renaming the group according to our needs. Renaming not only saves time but also makes it in the form you want, that is, organizing the Apps and naming it the way you want. Once you name a group you can find the group from the Start Screen as the name will appear at the top of the related group.

Steps to name or rename a group of Apps

1. First you have to zoom out the Start Screen of Windows 8.

So Press the Start button to open the Start Screen.

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At the bottom right corner you’ll find a Zoom out tool.

Zoom Out tool

Click on it to zoom out the Start Screen.


2.Right Click on the group to select it before you name or rename.

Select Apps

3. Now see below the start screen there is a red bar with an option Name Group. Select it.

A box will appear where you type the name of your desire. Click Name

App named

4. The group will now be named by what you have named it. So you are done.


5. Now You have to zoom back to the default Start Screen. So double click in an empty space and you’ll get back the default screen.

default size

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