Analysts Say Windows 8 Upgrade Is Not Compelling Enough

According to Analysts at CyberMedia Research, the upgrade to Windows 8 is not compelling enough for consumers at large.

Windows 8 may not be compelling enough for users, says analyst

Research Firm Claims Windows 8 Is Not Compelling Enough

India based research firm CyberMedia Research has recently suggested that consumers are not going to be thrilled to upgrade to Windows 8. According to their chief analyst Sumanta Mukherjee, the touch-centric approach of Windows 8 is what poses the problem. He says the OS requires either a touchpad or a touchscreen to deliver a full user experience (which are not commonplace at all in the desktop market right now). Hence he said, “We don’t anticipate the new OS (operating system) to be a compelling upgrade to Windows 7.”

Windows 8 is unlike any other upgrade the Windows community has seen before. Representing a sea change in Microsoft’s approach to User Interface, device ecosystems and daily computing, we have hardly ever seen this great a transformation going from one major version to the next. Even though it works just fine with a mouse a keyboard, the central Windows 8 AKA Metro UI is key to the transformation. And to have a fluid interaction with this new UI a touch device is absolutely necessary. Microsoft has already made it clear that Windows 8 is a ‘touch-first’ OS and its apps will be designed following the same ethos.

Windows 8 has amazing levels of compatibility though and has been shown to run on really old systems. It can be run on systems as old as the first ever Intel Atom with 1GB of memory. It has been run on far lesser resources under test conditions by independent reviewers, showing how flexible it really is. So a great majority of modern desktop users should be able to upgrade to Windows 8 but they will not gain the full experience offered by the OS till they invest in a touch device. This is where the upgrade ceases to be lucrative and starts getting expensive for everybody.

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