AMD working on 128-bit CPU or FPU for Windows 8?

Another new feature that might be included in Windows 8 could be support for a 128-bit FPU (List of Windows 8 features).

We all know about x32 and x64 processors. Some people say AMD and Intel are currently working on a new x128 CPU, but would that really make sense?

No, it doesn’t. 128bit CPU’s are neither useful nor is there a market for x128 CPU’s. But it would make sense to create a 128-bit FPU for Windows 8.

A FPU is basically a Floating-point unit that is optimized to work with floating point numbers e.g. 2.55555 or 25555.5.

A 128-bit CPU and OS for the average user is probably not going to be available for the next years, simply because it would be difficult to build a system withou compatibility issues with x32 applications. Although we know that the x64 systems can run most applications as x32 flawlessly, there could be unexpected problems with 128-bit systems and setups.

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