AMD Shows Off Windows 8 Tablet At Computex

Computex this year has been dominated by Windows 8 and AMD was amongst the many companies showing off their upcoming devices based on the upcoming OS from Microsoft.

AMD Puts Forward Trinity APU for Windows 8 Tablet

AMD To Also Contribute To Windows 8 Tablet Devices

AMD is known for making CPUs, GPUs and more recently APUs (combining CPU and GPU). But at Computex this year, AMD has shown itself as interested in encashing the Windows 8 wave with its own APUs running inside tablets.

It was one amongst the first companies to show off Windows 8 tablets at the show. The Windows 8 tablet device from AMD is a prototype based on the company’s Trinity APU (Accelerated Processing Unit). This devices was manufactured by Taiwan’s Compal Electronics company. It is a 11.6inch device with a resolution of 1366×768 — which is a standard for Windows 8 devices. It has a kickstand and also a detachable keyboard. That last part has now become a mainstay of the Windows 8 tablet world. Even though Asus introduced it first with the Transformer Prime, it has now been replicated by almost every Windows 8 Tablet maker at Computex including Asus rival Acer.

Coming back to AMD, the Australian company hopes the Trinity APU will be competitive enough with the Intel Atom line. The Trinity APU focuses on lowering power consumption but while also maintaining performance levels — the same thing that Atom focuses on. And Atom in its turn is trying to compete with ARM. ARM is currently the dominating chip architecture for mobile devices with very little competition regarding lower power consumption and higer performance.

However, AMD APU and Intel CPU based Windows 8 devices will have the X86 advantage of running legacy applications and a full Desktop environment. Windows RT — the version of Windows 8 developed for running on ARM — will only be able to run the Metro UI with a very limited Desktop environment where only chosen Microsoft apps will run. So it remains to be seen which manufacturer would be winning out in the end.

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