AMD Announces Windows 8 Exclusivity For New Hondo Chip

The New low-power Hondo chip from AMD will be released and used exclusively for Windows 8 devices, said AMD in a recent announcement regarding the new processor.

AMD launches Hondo low-power APU exclusively for Windows 8 tablets

AMD’s Hondo APU Will Be Used Exclusively For Windows 8

The AMD Hondo APU is the Australian company’s first major attempt at entering the tablet market. It is a power efficient chip that the company says will be used exclusively for Windows 8 tablets. Of course, that’s the official angle on it. AMD itself has said that they even though they are focusing entirely on Windows 8 Tablets, there’s absolutely nothing stopping people from running Linux. And so by extension that could also mean Android. But as far as the chipmaker is concerned, Windows 8 tablets will be the only officially supported devices.

Corporate VP of ultra low power products at AMD, Steve Belt, said that it was a conscious decision to not go after Android and stick only to Windows 8. They are going to be focusing on tablets running Microsoft’s new platform, at least for now. According to him, there’s a lot of TAM (Total Addressable Market) when it comes to Windows 8 and hence the company sees a lot of opportunity in the new platform. He said this large market has made them decide not to spread out to other markets just yet and simply focus on this one platform. He did mention however that they might look at Android in the future but right now it is all about Windows 8.

AMD is looking forward to Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablets taking over about 15 to 20 percent of the entire tablet market after coming out. And if AMD can take anything over 10 percent of that market, it will have done good for itself given the company’s late entry in to the game. Intel on the other hand has been at it far longer even though they have said they explicitly won’t support Linux for their new low-power chip. AMD says its engineers are working on Linux support.

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