Administrators: Show or hide Administrative Tools On The Start Screen in Windows 8

Administrative tools can be useful, but for some they are quite annoying – if you want to show or hide the tools but don’t really know to configure Windows 8 yet, then you better follow this guide for beginners

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what are administrative tools?

The Administrative Tools is a folder in the Control Panel that is a total collection of tools for system administrations and advanced users. The Administrative tools play important role in testing the memory of the computer, manage advanced aspects of users and groups and various other services of the operating system. Some common administrative tools are :
i. Computer Management.
ii. Data Sources.
iii. Event Viewer.
iv. Local Security Policy.
v. Memory Diagnostic Tools.
vi. Reliability and performance monitor.
vii. Event viewer.
viii. iSCSI Initiator
ix. Print Management and many other functions.

Steps to show or hide Administrative Tools in Start Screen in Windows 8:

1. Press Windows button to go to the Start Screen of Windows 8.

Start screen

2. Press Windows + C to open the Windows Charm Screen. Select Settings.

Charmscreen setting

3. Again select Settings.


4. There is an option Show Administrative Tools. Select Yes by clicking on it if you want to show it or No if you want to hide it.


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