Activision announces Call of Duty 9, Treyarch recruits

In a talk with investors, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick recently announced that the company has started work on Call of Duty 9. Treyarch has also announced an opening for game scripter and a multiplayer level designer.

As unanimously and critically acclaimed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, an Infinity Ward game, launched with huge sales, Bobby Kotick, the Activision CEO has announced the follow up of the game which will be developed by Treyarch. Kotick, while speaking to investors, stated that they have two highly anticipated titles in the pipeline from Blizzard Entertainment, one being a Call of Duty title and Diablo III from Activision.

Release of several other games

Kotick also confirmed plans to release a few other games in 2012, which is quite uncommon for the developer since they usually stick to one or two titles a year. Taking into consideration the production plate of the developer, several second title possibilities include StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria and Blizzard Duty.

Treyarch ramping up

There is absolutely no surprise in the news that the developer of Black Ops, Treyarch, has been working on the development of the follow up of the Call of Duty series. It has traditionally been developing Call of Duty games in alternate years to Infinity Ward (series creator) and has franchise entries such as Call of Duty 3, Black Ops and World at War under its belt already.

Many fans recently also noticed an ad posted on Gamasutra and the studio’s official website calling for an expert Call of Duty universe, announcing an opening for a multiplayer level designer post. Besides that, Treyarch officially stated that it is seeking experts in first person shooters and experts of the genre to operate as game scripters and designers.

In other news, many fans are abuzz over speculation that the new Call of Duty 9 title will be a completely new game (unlike many other CoD titles which were just extensions of previous versions). The under-development title has been codenamed ‘Iron Wolf’.

Call of Duty 9 is expected to be unveiled shortly before E3. While Treyarch is ramping up for Call of Duty 9, Infinity Ward has also started preparing for Call of Duty 10.

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