Acer Shows Off New Windows Laptops

Acer may have been busy focusing on the Windows 8 hybrids and tablets recently but their latest offering shows that they have not quite forgotten about the laptop either.

Acer brings out the M3 and V5 laptops for Windows 8

Windows 8 Laptops Come Out From Acer

Windows 8 is officially arriving on the 26th of October this year and launching alongside of it will be brand new Acer laptops along with about a million other compatible devices and accessories from every major tech companies and most of the minor ones. These Acer laptops feature all that is good about Windows 8 such as touch capabilities and better battery life and couple them with hardware features like clean designs and sunken chiclet style keyboards with numeric keys.

These laptops will also feature instant-on capabilities that we have become used to with our smartphones. And if you are going for the Acer M3, it is also going to be quite thin at just 0.9inch. It boasts of a frameless, 15.6inch display put inside a dark aluminum chassis. It will give you options to choose between multiple Intel Core processors (something that hasn’t happened before in Acer ultrabooks) and will have the NVIDIA GeForce GT460M GPU for better gaming and streaming video.

It also features Acer’s own Green Instant-On technology that will allow you to wake it up within 1.5 seconds and connect to a WiFi (and hence theoretically be internet-ready) in 2.5 seconds. According to Acer this is four times as fast as normal.

Acer also showed off the company’s Aspire V5 Series of laptops. According to a recently released statement these notebooks are “30 percent slimmer than the same class in two-spindle design with DVD and ergonomic thermal so they’re extremely easy to handle on the go.”

There’s a 14inch model that is 0.8inch thick and weighs in at 4.6pounds and then there’s a 15inch model that is 0.9inch thick and is 5.3 pounds. They are both inclusive of an optical drive and USB 3.0 ports. The V5 Series also features Intel Core Processors and Nvidia GeForce GT series graphics.

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