Acer Offers Free Windows 8 Pro Upgrades To Ultrabook Customers

The Ultrabooks wars are finally showing signs of heating up as Acer pulls out a free upgrade to Windows 8 Pro offer for all their Ultrabook buyers.

Acer offers free Windows 8 upgrade

Future-proofing: Acer Ultrabooks Now Come With Free Windows 8 Pro Upgrades

Acer ultrabooks buyers will now be a happy lot as the company announces a free upgrade to Windows 8 Pro offer. Customers who buy an Acer Windows 7 Ultrabook now will automatically become eligible for an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro in the future once the OS is released.

The offer is available for those who are buying the following models — Acer Aspire M3, M5, S3 and S5. The offer period is a large one. Anyone who has bought any of those Ultrabooks since June 2 this year to anyone who will buy one by January 31, 2013, will be eligible for this offer. It is no coincidence that that free upgrade expires on the same date as the Microsoft offer for cheap $14.99 Windows 8 Pro upgrades for any Windows 7 customers between the same date range. Acer has promised to refund the cost to the customer for the upgrade, making it essentially free of cost.

The announcement was made on Acer’s Windows Upgrade site —

Microsoft intends to release Windows 8 by October this year. Once that happens, customers can upgrade their machines using the same Windows Upgrade Program that is applicable to everybody else. Once that is done, eligible Acer Ultrabook owners will then have to submit their refund claims along with the Microsoft order number as well as their ultrabook’s serial number.

However, if you are one those unlucky ones who bought a PC just before the June 2 cutoff date, Microsoft is also offering a $39.99 Windows 8 Pro upgrade till January 31, 2013. This cutoff in fact applies to users who are running XP and above.

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