Acer Has Only Begun Producing Windows 8 PCs, Says Company President

Acer president just went on record saying Acer’s upcoming posse of Windows 8 PCs is simply the beginning of an implied new line of PCs from the manufacturer.

Acer has only begun to make Windows 8 PCs and intends to evolve gradually, says president Jim Wong

Acer Windows 8 PCs Are The Tip Of The Ice Berg, Says President

Acer’s President has said the Windows 8 PCs that are coming out in the beginning of next year are “just the beginning” of what is going to be a journey through several form factors and evolution as the platform itself evolves in to its own over time. Looks like Acer has big plans for the new platform and the changes that it implies.

Acer chairman Jim Wong stated that the upcoming two years will be marked with refinement of the several devices that would be running on Microsoft’s platform. The biggest change would be seen in the convertible devices. Convertibles are a new breed of laptop/tablet hybrids that transform in to each other. According to Wong, “Convertibles are not going to stay like they are at the Windows 8 launch,” — this is of course a reference to the completely new interface and how it puts touch first.

He talks about how all manufacturers will learn about user behavior in the first 18 months and then use that data to further improve and evolve their machines. He says it is a good thing that has happened to the Windows industry. Of course, now that almost every other tech company has something that is high quality enough to compete with iPhone and iPad, it is going to be a tidal wave worth of launches around and after the Windows 8 official launch.

For Acer and many other companies, the PC demand is just not high enough at the moment. We have covered this issue multiple times here. The gist is that both pundits and analysts agree that the consumers are just waiting it out till Windows 8 comes out. So Acer, just like all the others, is hoping that this platform drives demand.

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