Abstract Windows 8 Themes

Some new abstract Windows 8 themes have been added to the site. If you want to customize Windows 7 or Windows Vista and make it look like a different, new Windows 8 copy, grab the themes and install them with a double-click.

Abstract Windows 8 Themes

Gallery of Windows 8 Themes

This is a collection of very abstract themes, they are not very concrete. I especially like the Landscape theme and the themes with abstract graphics.

If you want to create your very own themes, you can easily do that with Photoshop. I’ll be posting a tutorial soon that explains how you can create your very own Windows 8 themes for Windows 7 or Vista and XP.

Join Windows8Themes.org

We are currently looking for some creative people who would like to join the site and submit some new themes, be it for Windows 8 or 7 doesn’t really matter, but if you are good at Photoshop we have something to do for you. Of course it will be rewarded!

If you have already created any Windows 8 themes, you can submit them to our site here.

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