A Closer Look At The Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Keyboard And Sculpt Touch Mouse

Microsoft has just released information about the Sculpt series mouse and keyboard that are being prepped for Windows 8.

Microsoft releases sculpt ergonomic keyboard and mouse

The Super Ergonomic Sculpt Keyboard And Mouse Will Appear Alongside Windows 8

Whilst we had already reported in detail about the Wedge Touch Mouse and Wedge Mobile Keyboard, the Sculpt duo have received no such attention. The Sculpt Touch Mouse and the Sculpt Mobile Keyboard are the second pair of mouse and keyboard accessories that Microsoft is going to release right alongside Windows 8.

True to its name, the Sculpt Touch Mouse offers a six-degree curve for ergonomic use. It is a wireless pointing device that runs on AA batteries and connects via Bluetooth. It has a four-way touch scroll strip on top that is meant for more intuitive navigation of Windows 8. Swiping here will result in a swipe on the Metro Start Screen too. The Sculpt Touch Mouse is priced at $49.95 compared to the $79.96 Microsoft Touch Mouse which has a full touchpad that allows for gestures such as finger swipes and zooming gestures. The Sculpt mouse has intelligent sleep features for saving its battery. It also comes with BlueTrack that lets you use the mouse on almost any surface. You will need to have Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows RT to use this mouse.

The Sculpt Mobile Keyboard on the other hand is similar to other Bluetooth enabled mobile keyboards. It has Windows 8 specific hotkeys and seems to run for around 10 months on one set of batteries. It too is priced at $49.95.

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