4 Ways To Quickly Disable The Touchpad in Windows 8

Written by: Dogar Sahab - Published: Tuesday, March 20th, 2012 - Comments

If you are annoyed that your cursors jump while you type, you can easily disable the touchpad in Windows 8 and stop that annoying behaviour of the touchpad.

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While you are typing in your laptop or notebook your hands sometimes touch the touchpad unknowingly, results erratic cursor movement. Then you may find that the lines of text mysteriously intertwined. It is very annoying while you are doing a fast-typing job. To overcome this type of problem you may need to disable the touchpad while typing.

Not only that. While connecting an external Mouse with a laptop, users often want to disable touchpad temporarily.

Disabling touchpad in Windows 8 is quite easy. There are several methods to disable touchpad in windows 8.
Go through these following methods to disable touchpad.

Methods to disable touchpad in Windows 8

Method 1: Disabling touchpad using Touchpad Button

In most of the laptops or notebooks there is a special “Touchpad Enable/Disable button” to enable or disable touchpad in a single click. This is the easiest method to disable touchpad. If your laptop does not have such buttons then try other methods.

Touchpad enable-Disable button

Method 2: Disabling touchpad while typing

1. Download the file TouchFreeze from here

2. Now, install that program and run the .exe file.

4. After installing “TouchFreeze” you can see the TouchFreeze Icon in the system tray. The “Touch Freeze” will run in Automatic Mode.

 Touchfreeze is running in Active Mode

TouchFreeze will now automatically disable touchpad while you are typing. Thus erratic cursor movement will not occur anymore.

Method 3: Disabling touchpad from Mouse Property

1. Click on ControlPanel tile.

Open Control Panel

2. Now click on More Settings option from left side menu.

Click on More settings

3. Old Control Panel Window will open. In Old Control Panel Window search for Mouse settings and click on Change Mouse Settings option from the search results.

Search for mouse Settings

4. Mouse Properties window will pop up. Now, choose None option from the dropdown list for Left Button, Right Button. Press Apply and then OK to save your settings.

 Change Mouse Properties

Left and Right button in you touchpad will be disabled. Now you can attach an external mouse to your laptop to perform left or right click operations or to enable your touchpad buttons again.

This method is not so efficient. Following this method you can disable only touchpad buttons but your track pad will be still in active mode.

Method 4: Disabling touchpad using driver software from particular vendor

Laptop manufactures like HP, Sony, Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba etc. get their touchpads from third party vendors like Synaptics, Alps etc. So you may download latest drivers and software to disable touchpad either directly from your Laptop manufacture’s site (if manufacturer provides update) or from the third party vendor’s site.

These are the possible methods to disable touchpad in your Windows 8 laptop.

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Written by: Dogar Sahab

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10 Responses

  1. allen said:

    The freeze program woks for typing but the others don’t work. I downloaded updates from dell and the Fn F3 doesn’t do it, the mouse control panel you show doesn’t exist in my W/8.

  2. elliot said:

    Allen is right. I am having such a hard time typing this right now cause I can’t get my touchpad disabled.I have been searching all over windows 8 and can’t find anything. Plus, when you try to change power settings, there is no way to save!!!!

  3. lynelle said:

    in Asus it was easy to disable touchpad, as there was a button to disable it. in this Samsung, I repeatedly hit “uninstall” and restarted, but the touchpad kept working. Finally, I hit “uninstall” and then “scan for changes” then restarted…it worked!

  4. Jared said:

    For any Asus laptop users, cycle through your function-F12 keys. My specific laptop has a Fn-F7 key that disables the touchpad, this may be the same for other brands as well, just take a look at the function key icons printed on them.

  5. Robert Haltom said:

    “TouchFreeze” does not do anything for me.
    Uninstalling the touchpad doesn’t help either, keeps working and re-installs on boot. Hotkey to turn off touchpad does not work in Win8. And turning off the buttons does not help me.
    This blog fails.. but thanks for trying.

  6. meskalito said:

    not working for me, haven’t tried touchfreeze because i want to disable it for ever, not just while typing.my mouse properties doesn’t have any relevant settings for touchpad.
    don’t want to install synaptics driver to run on background and eat my system resources. any ideas?

  7. Lady Di NEPA said:

    I am so totally disgusted – the cursor just goes all over the place, nothing works that I’ve tried so far. I have a Dell Inspiron, just a couple months old w/Win 8 and this sucks big time.
    Soooooo, I did the only thing I could until there is a fix, I hooked up a regular keyboard and don’t have to worry about the erratic touchpad anymore… ughhhhhhhhh C’mon Microsoft, get a fix that works!

  8. Gratefuldavid said:

    I was about ready to put duct tape over it because none of these suggestions work. I didn’t go that extreme. I secured a piece of paper over it with Scotch tape and that did the trick. Stupid Windows 8. I’m not really liking it.

  9. Kevin Brown said:

    None of this works for me – the WinHate menu takes me to a totally different set of menus.

    Steve Ballmer hates MSFT customers.

    I hate MSFT. No need for this POS Indian company.

  10. Ron R said:

    well, i’m ready to toss this 4 month old lap top away
    Saving up for an apple after all these years. I started with an IBM 286 and using c prompts to a computer that is totally dysfunctional. What was Msoft thinking?
    I even bought the book for dummies and it doesn’t help. I’d rather use my Ipad than this and it’s certainly lighter!
    Bu Bye Msoft~ It’s been a nice ride but time to get divorced!

    Word to the wise, if you haven’t tried w8 don’t bother. Run, do not walk away from it! It will drive you insane!

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