32 Windows 8 Tablets To Be Released In 2012

If you had any doubts whether Windows 8 will launch this year at all — there’s a report that says as many as 32 tablets running Windows 8 are being prepared by various manufacturers.

Windows 8 to see as many as 32 tablets coming out this year

Almost Three Dozen Tablets To Usher Windows 8 Into The Market

Apple’s iPad may be the bane of every other tablet on the market but it is soon going to have to fight off a lot of tablets to maintain that number one spot that seems so solid now. Taiwan based supply chain focused news source Digitimes has said that Microsoft and Intel have join plans of releasing and helping to release that many tablets this year. And these tablets will be coming from reputed brands too.

According to the post, these tablets will come from the likes of Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba, Lenovo, Acer, Dell and Asus. The report goes deeper into the plans for offering and says that there will be $300 tablets as well, which will of course be aimed at the lower end where Kindle rules the roost.

The plan is simple it seems — high end tablets will be competing with Apple’s iPad and the lower end models will be fighting for glory, honor and some market share as well.

Intel apparently has identified Lenovo has one of the key players in this game. This mainly because it has strong position in China and its tablet market.

It is quite possible for multiple companies to come up with 32 models at the same time and release them in to the market but that is going to confuse consumers as well. So it looks like Microsoft is simply planning to flood the market and use pure brute force to gain market share. It is definitely a strategy that can win but then it will come at the cost of a lot of tablets because most of them won’t survive their first product cycle. The ones that will be left will be the actual winners going forward in to 2013.

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