32-bit/64-bit: Windows 8 Security Measures Are Now Certified By AV-Test

Ll_av Test Windows 8 Thumb3 Windows 8 is hardly out now and there’s understandably a lot of testing going down in PC labs everywhere including one where the various security software for Windows 8 were put to test by AV-Test.

AV-Test Says Windows 8 Security Software Is Up To the Mark

AV-Test routinely tests out the efficiency of security software for PCs and this time their results have good things to say about the various Windows 8 security software that are now available in the market. The test was run all the common brands on the market and the test says almost 20 security vendors have made it in to the results as fit for Windows 8. The tests were run on both 32bit and 64bit Windows 8 systems.

AV-Test runs these tests every 2 months and they have so far run them on Windows XP and Windows 7 because of these two have so far dominated PC usage. Each product is tested on both clean and infected PCs and they earn up to 6 points for protecting the PC against various different kinds of threats and then more points for repairing infected PCs. And all of this must be done without inconveniencing the user in any way. There are a total of 18 points to be had and earning 11 points is the minimal requirement for receiving certification.

AV-Test CEO Andreas Marx says that the results are more like a market survey than actual comprehensive test results. According to him, all products have been rigorously tested on Windows 8 PCs but then they have not been fully tested out against static and dynamic tests. The standard test lasts for two whole months. Many of the Windows 8 security software weren’t even ready two weeks back. So running a full test right before launch is not possible. However, every product that is on the list are full commercial releases and not just Beta versions. They have scheduled the first full Windows 8 test for January and February in 2013.

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