3 Methods To Fix File Associations in Windows 8!

File association problems are common, here are 3 methods to fix them in Windows 8
file association problems

File association problem :

Each file in Windows Operating system, has an extension with its filename, e.g. .txt,.mp3,etc. These extensions are used to identify the program, with which to open this file. File type and file extension associations may be corrupted or broken, causing files with some extensions cannot be opened properly. This breaking of association between file type and application programme can take place many reason like:

1 . Some third party program may wrongly set or assign file associations for extensions that not supposed to be the default program of that
file type.

2 . If you frequently install & uninstall many software to open a file type (or a group of different file types), during uninstall sometimes
windows registry for file association may corrupt.

3 . Attack of malicious software ( i.e. malware, trojans etc.) also can corrupt this association.

4 . Sometime, application program or the software may crash and deassociate the linkage.

5 . Finally, accidental deletion of registry entry, or installation folder of application program, windows corrupt and crash may break the
file association.

Whatever the reason is, this is very irritating, because double click or ‘ enter ‘ will not open the file. To open any file of this type (association corrupted), each time we have to select ‘Open with’ then selecting the program. And also, when a file type association for an extension is deleted or not found, the icon for the file type becomes blank in the shape of empty white paper.

Fix file association problem:

In Windows 8, you can solve this problem in many ways. Like,

1 . Using Context menu

2 . Using Control Panel

3 . Using third party software

4 . Modifying windows registry

5 . Restore windows to an earlier point from backup.

1. Solve using Context menu :

1. Right Click on any file of affected type and select Open or Open with.

right click

2. A window will pop up, suggesting a list of applications, which can open the file. If your application is in the list, just click it.
Next time, whenever you double click on the file, it will be opened through this application.

Select Application

3. If no program in the list can open the file, scroll the window. There are three options in the end. One is, Look for an app on
the web
. Microsoft will judge online about the file, and suggests an application program for you.

Second is, Look for an app in the store, i.e. you can select and download any apps from web store to open such file and the third and the last one is, Look for an app on the PC,on click, which will open C:\Program Files, from where you can select your application.

More advanced option

2. Solve using Control Panel :

1. Open Control Panel from start menu, and type Default Programs in the search box.

Default Program Search

2. Click ‘Set your default programs’ .In the new window, select Associate a file type or protocol with a program

Associate file type

3. A window will open where there is a list of every extension used in your PC, along with the program, which can open the file of that type
of file. In the list Search for the extension, you are dealing with & select it.

If association is lost (or non-associated till now) , the value under the Current Default column will be Unknown application or Not Selected .

Extension list

4. To set or to change default program, click Change program button.Follow the steps 2 & steps 3 of the first

3. Solve using third party software :

There are lots of free software available in the internet for this purpose. File Association Fixer is one of them. Another one is
. Both of them are freeware. So, you need not to worry about purchasing. But you may need .Net framework 3.5 to use these
software. Visit corresponding home page for more details.

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